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What is Stomaphyx?

StomaphyX is one of the newest forms of bariatric surgery. It is an innovative incisionless weight loss surgery. This procedure requires no cutting, so there are no staples or sutures (stitches) needed to close wounds.This fact is very attractive to people seeking a medical weight loss treatment. The overall result is a low-risk, virtually pain-free procedure that requires almost no recovery time.

How does the StomaphyX procedure work?

The StomaphyX procedure is performed while a patient is under general anesthesia. The StomaphyX device is guided through your mouth and into your stomach. The specialsit then creates a fold in the stomach wall which he/she fastens with a small polypropylene fastener, by creating a series of small folds in the stomach wall. By doing so, a doctor is able to make a small stomach pouch just like the one made during other bariatric restrictive procedures.

The small opening between the newly created pouch and the stomach will slowdown your stomach emptying volume, which by design, will create satiety (a feeling of satisfied or fullness) earlier in the eating process. This will help you consume less food and lose weight more effectively. For patients who have previously undergone gastric bypass, the procedure minimizes the stomach pouch until it is similar to the size it was after a patients initial gastric bypass procedure. Once your stomach is modified, you will have an easier way of maintaining a low body weight.

StomaphyX Advantages

- Transoral (through the mouth) insertion of the StomaphyX device means no incisions are required to enter the abdomen, reducing the risks associated with the incision(s) and eliminates the potential for wound-healing complications.

- The StomaphyX procedure is incisionless and thereby leaves no scars.

- Because there are no incisions to heal you will experience less discomfort after the StomaphyX procedure than you would after a laparoscopic or open procedure.

- There is virtually no recovery time and no requirement to be hospitalized after the procedure. You may even be able to continue your normal activities the same day the procedure is performed.

- The low risk level involved in the StomaphyX procedure makes it an appropriate weight loss technique to consider for people who have undergone previous weight loss surgery and are obese, even if they are not heavy enough yet to be eligible for other weight loss surgery procedures.

- The StomaphyX is reversible using the same transoral device.

- Because, the StomaphyX does not permanently change the gastrointestinal anatomy, other weight loss surgery is still an option for the future.

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