realize gastric band surgery

Realize Gastric Band

The Realize™ gastric band is a weight loss solution so individuals can experience a new life with better overall health, improved self-confidence, and vitality.

Although, the Realize Band gained FDA approval in September 2007 for use in the USA, it has been widely used abroad for more than ten years under the name of Swedish Adjustable Gastric Band (SAGB).

According to the FDA’s approval letter, the Realize Band is “a surgically implanted device used to help a person lose weight.

REALIZE Gastric Band: Advantages

The notable advantages of the Realize Gastric Band are:

It is considered a non-invasive surgery due to its usage of  a tiny placed in small bodily incisions during the procedure.

As a Realize™ lap band is placed inside the upper stomach part, a injection port as well is inserted and it’s purpose is to control the rate of weight loss for patients without a requirement for major surgery.

When an individual selects the Realize™ gastric band, they will need to pay close attention as their everyday life will have to adapt. This means decreasing the food intake. Because this weight loss surgery is restrictive, it does not alter the rate of nutrient absorption in the body, as a result it  should not be difficult to keep the same level of necessary vitamins and minerals.

An additional advantage of the Realize™ gastric band is that weight loss is constant if dieting is done correctly. Moreover,  since no physical routines are required, there is no associated pain. The average person can reduce their weight by approximately 20 percent in the first 180 days following the procedure and around 50 percent after twelve months.

In the end, people achieve their weight loss goal with a higher quality of life and improved health.

Side Effects & Risks

People who select to use the REALIZE™  Band can feel at ease that they have selected a safe, effective procedure with little occurrences of major complications or side effects. However, since it does requrie a small surgical incision, it is not free of side effects.

Gastric Band Erosion - Although it occurs very little, the REALIZE™ Adjustable Gastric Band can erode inside the stomach, necessitating the need for surgery to take the band out. 

Stretching or Slippage - The stomach pouch may stretch or the band could slip,  and the stomach capacity increases which permits patients to overeat, delaying any type of desired weight loss.

Blockage or Leakage Complications - The access port could become blocked  or begin to leak. These complications generally require a surgical procedure.

Vomiting - Due to the gastric band significantly limiting the stomach volume, patients must be cautious to eat excessively. It is not uncommon for patients who overeat "after surgery" to feel pain and/or vomiting, which can progress to major dehydration and require an emergency to the local hospital and overnight monitoring.

Restrictions to Diet - Gastric banding patients must not eat specific foods that can lead to digestive issues and complications. Foods vary for each individual but typically white bread, steak, and white chicken meat.


Manufactured by Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc., a worldwide leader in minimally invasive and conventional surgical devices for bariatric surgery data. Johnson and Johnson is the parent company.

Natural Weight Loss; By using the REALIZE Gastric Band,  patients lose weight in a normal and healthy way as evidenced by statistics and research show patients losing 1- 2 pounds each week on average.

The REALIZE Band consists of a silicone band, tubing, and an injection port.”

A surgically insertable instrument; its main usage is for weight loss and solutions in “obesity-linked” health conditions for people who are considered morbidly obese.

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