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Pregnancy Following Lap Band Surgery

Is becoming pregnant safe after gastric bypass  or lapband surgery?

Numerous research and case studies show that pregnancy is safe after bariatric surgery subject to women following a a few important rules. Physicians claim it’s very important to not get pregnant for twelve months following gastric bypass surgery because this is the period where the patient’s weight loss will be substantial. In the initial year following the procedure, contraception is necessary, and for lap banding specifically, oral contraceptives may not be sufficiently absorbed following the procedure so it's crucial to use another method of contraception.

Some physicians agree that with the lap band surgery  a woman can safely conceive six months following the surgery but may not have lost adequate weight to avoid health issues related to pregnancy.

All individuals who have undergone weight loss surgery must consume nutritional supplements on a regular schedule prior, during and after pregnancy. The medical reason is due to new limited absorption of nutrients from the gastric bypass surgery. The end result is reduced food intake ranging from four-to-six ounces of food per meal and a decrease in the absorption of nutrients and calories.

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    Here are some recommendations to follow for a safe pregnancy:

  • • Avoid pregnancy for twelve months following weight loss surgery
  • • Schedule normal visits with your bariatric surgeon and obstetrician
  • • Take multivitamins (Vitamin A, B1, B12, Iron, Folic Acid)
  • • Get regular blood tests to check for deficiency in vitamins
  • • Eat small meals daily (minimum of four meals per day) and  take 30 minutes to eat all meals
  • • Eat a high-protein, low carbohydrate, low fat diet
  • • Consume 30 grams of proteins in supplements
  • • Drink lots of water (4 to 6 Ten ounce cups daily)

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