financing for lapband surgery

Insurance for LAP-BAND Surgery

Since health coverage and eligibility for Lap-Band surgery insurance depends on which company you are with, which plan you have, and so on, it is smart to talk with the health insurance provider directly for documented approval.

Your insurance company will need a code for the Lap-Band operative procedure. if they do not have it readily available it is CPT 43770 and the ICD-9 code for morbid obesity diagnosis is 278.01 You cna confirm with them as well f it has changed for some reason.

If your time is short, you can always review your health insurance policy but your health insurance provider will always have more updated information. Aside from the actual fees, additional financial factors need to be resolved such as hospital stays, number of days needed, etc.

Financing for Lap Band Surgery

If your health insurance provider does not cover you or you are specifically not eligible for insurance on the LapBand procedure, many physicians and hospitals provide financing options or payment installment plans. To avoid the upfront expenses, financing Lap Band surgery will make it that much more affordable as you should customarily have a monthly payment amount that fits into your budget. How much you will pay per month is associated with how much is loaned to you, the interest rate, and the term allowed.

As you do your search for Lap-Band financing programs, always compare the terms, interest rates, and maximum loan limits to know which one best suits your requirements. In medical financing, everything starts once you send in your application, which might not take so long as there are online sources for medical financing. Your credit record will be looked over, monthly income and expenses,as well as savings or assets you may have to see if you in fact do qualify for approved financing. So, your new healthy body does not have to wait too long.

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