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Gastric Banding Hypnosis - No Surgery!

People have become very desperate in their attempts to lose excess weight that they will start a new fad diet or even put their faith in a miracle pill to do the job. Sorry to say, it's not so simple. If it were, just about everyone would be utilizing it and nearly everybody would be slim!

There is an alternative method that piggybacks off of the gastric banding procedure except it falls short in one area. It is a procedure accomplished using Hypnosis. The goal is to get the mind to think a Lap Band has been inserted in your body, although without any surgery at all, and you save on the costs of surgery, potential complications, and difficulties connected with surgery.

These successful hypnosis programs employs curbing your appetite with the power of the subconscious mind and a mental gastric band to deliver a far lower risk, less expensive alternative for over-weight people of every size, in contrast with invasive surgery.

How Does It Work?

Patients listen on a headset, you hear operating room noises and visualizes having the real thing placed around her stomach. You imagine doctor is speaking to you. The placing the band inside you. At that moment, you are starting to feel a slight tightness in the stomach area.

Comparable medical weight loss programs completed in the United Kingdom and Spain validate that the final results of a cognitive gastric band basically yields the same outcomes as those patients who have gone through the actual surgery.

Although the Hypnosis Band's result of reduced desire for food and metabolic are much like a surgically-placed gastric band, the likeness ends there as the program differs largely after that.

The one major difference in some of the Hypnosis Band programs offered are the inclusion of individual support, learning about nutrition, and ongoing hypnotherapy sessions to alter bad eating habits intuitively. What is neglected in many traditional invasive gastric obesity clinics are consultations with the patient to let them know how bad the food is some of them are eating. Instead of allowing them to eat smaller portions of bad food, it should be cut out altogether. Although, this shortfall is changing with many clinics across the country as surgeons see the benefits it provides. Several of these attributes are unique to the hypnosis gastric banding program.

Some programs, which includes hypnosis sessions every week and audios are only a fraction of the cost of a typical banding procedure which ranges from $15-$30,000 for a surgical Lap Band.

In 1958, the American Medical Association endorsed the use of hypnosis for usage in medical and dental practices. Today it is frequently utilized in hospitals and burn centers to speed up healing and reduce or take care of pain.

The actual outcome of this cutting edge procedure has been a lot better than anticipated.

The effectiveness of Hypnosis is able to persuade the mind that a Lap Band is in your body and you do not need to go out of the comfort of your own house.

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