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After LAP-BAND Surgery Exercises

Lap-Band ® surgery is not enough all by itself for getting good results in minimum time you will have to follow the guidelines from your lapband physician. Your physician will recommend a daily diet and physical exercise activity. Do not deviate from their advice. Daily exercise plays a significant aspect in losing weight early. If you strictly follow the recommendations of your physician, you will certainly experience improved results in little time.
One of the most important factors of preparing for Lap-Band surgery is coordinating a diet and exercise routine into your daily life.

The Lap-Band ® is the first phase to losing excess weight. The second phase, exercise and diet are every bit as important as the procedure immediately following Lap-Band ® surgery. What patients may be instructed to do is to start out slowly doing lite-distance walking or small things to get your body moving. Don't over exert yourself even if you are highly motivated and want record fast results. It is best to follow the guidance of your surgeon and/or weight loss support staff to prevent any problems like soreness and blood clots that can develop while in recovery. This is a very important period as part of building an ongoing healthy lifestyle. In most cases, prior to surgery, patients consult with a fitness advisor to formulate a exercise program. Although it can be specially demanding to carry on these instructions in the early phases shortly after surgery, exercise is a centerpiece to maximum weight loss.

For people who already regularly work out in the gym, they understand that resistance training with weights is also a highly effective measure to get rid of unnecessary weight. However, cardiovascular has more emphasis in the initial six weeks following the procedure. So, about 45 days following the Lap-Band procedure, you will start a weight training program or however your specialist recommends. Once you do get into the program full-force, if you want to realize the best results (don't we all?), devote half an hour on resistance training at the very least 4 days every week. At the same time, constantly be mindful of the concerns associated with the gastric banding procedure.

NOTE:  It is important to exercise on a regular basis but not how you wish to do it, but rather as your physician suggest you to do.

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