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Diets for Lap-Band

For people who have had Lap-Band surgery or are considering having the Lap-Band surgery performed, there are some factors that one must know in regards to diet and nutrition guidelines. In general, most individuals are of the opinion that once the lap band procedure is completed they can go about their day eating any type of foods they please. This is far from the truth. Lap-Band patients are strongly recommended to follow specific diet and nutritional rules upon the Lap-Band being in place. Please consult with your physician and review these guidelines below:

Four Weeks Post-Operative Lap Band Surgery Procedure

In the first few days after the lap band procedure, the patient can only have small amounts of fluids. After a few days have gone by, the patient is allowed to have some light food items such as soups, yogurt, soft fruit, (kind of baby-like foods) for the next three weeks. Doctors stress and highly suggest a patient eat light foods and liquids during the recuperating phase and not rush too quickly into a routine eating pattern.

Suggested Eating Routine after the Lap-Band

After roughly 4-6 weeks have gone by and the lapband doctor has cleared you to eat normally, a patient may start eating standard size meals. Eating standard for individuals after the lapband should be three small meals per day and no foods between meals. Additional suggested habits are to chew the food throughly (15 to 20 times per bite), don't eat big chunks, stop eating upon feeling full, no fluids during a meal and drinking adequate fluids during the day. These helpful recommendations are given to the person for the reason of having the Lap-Band work efficiently as it supposed to work.

Recommended Types of Food for Lap-Band Patients

In conjunction with the the eating habits described above, medical professionals recommend food types for individuals who had the surgical procedure. As with most healthy diets, it is highly suggested to consume a good variety of fruits and vegetables, roughly one to two servings of fruit and two to three servings of vegetables daily. Breads and cereals are good too. For the meat portion, fish, eggs, and poultry are recommended and one serving should suffice the daily intake. Try to remember to remove all visible fat from the meat. Remove the skin from poultry. Grilling, steaming, or boiling are the best ways to make sure they are low fat.

Dairy products also play an lare role in the daily menu and tems such as milk, yogurt and cheese may be included in the diet. If a post lap-band patient needs something to drink, water is the primary choice with at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. Although, additional beverages may be included in the diet like tea, coffee and non-carbonated beverages.

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Food to Avoid Post Lap-Band

It is important to avoid any and all foods which have little or no nutritional value and to keep them out the daily menu entirely. After all, these may have been the foods to put you in your previous condition. Therefore, any foods with high concentrations of sugars, high calorie drinks are ones to avoid whenever one can.

Foods which are high in fat such as desserts. If one must, just eat them only on special occasions or rarely if anything.

Alcohol can be consumed by patients after the lap-band procedure but only in moderation. A glass of wine occassionally or once in a while is OK and when their lap-band doctor gives the approval nod.

One can also begin an exercise routine to further improve the recovery process and incorporate it into your daily life. Begin with easy exercises like walking and swimming. Gradually expand your program to include cycling, jogging, racquet sports and aerobics. Raise your activity level in your daily course of living. For instance, stand versus sitting, walk versus standing, go outside as compared to being inside, walking sometimes versus driving, climb the stairs than use the elevator, etc. And always remember to check with your physician about the how much and the exercise type which is best for you.


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