lap band patient reviews

Lap Band Patient Reviews

Anchorage, AK
January 09, 2008

patient storiesJust over 4 years ago, I had this done and I can't tell you how pleased I am. This has been the smartest decision I ever done.

Let me tell you though, there are certainly a few negative aspects but all things considered it is worth it for sure. I have not had a soda pop ever again. I have just one sugary food once a week. I consume less food and am in good spirits.

The weight loss is gradual but I like it no doubt. I have taken off around 55 pounds but still have another round to go by getting rid of 45 pounds more...but reaching a peak takes place to so many people...but i haven't experienced this feeling in so long since I was a young kid...

Houston, TX
April 17, 2008

I had it done. Its perfect. My insurance took care of the cost since my weight gain was from medication. I had it done in August of last year and took off 50 pounds so far. But it isn't a quick fix. It is just a tool to aid with weight loss. You still have to exercise and eat right or it wil not work. I also like that no stomach stapling is required like with gastric bypass and it is completely reversible since it is only a band around your stomach, it can be taken off if you choose.

Also you don't have to necessarily be extremely overweight or obese to have the procedure, Im 5'10 and was midly overweight,I was a size 14, which with my height, isn't anywhere near grossly overweight, it is really average actaully. So its based on your BMI to see if you qualify. You can check your BMI online, just google and type BMI and you'll see several sites.

Portland, OR
Feb 6, 2009

I just had it done and i'm so glad I did! as I lost over 50lbs. Not that I was very overweight to begin with but this definitely helped me out in many ways. I learned some fabulous healthy recipes as well to keep the weight off and stick with a Lapband diet plan. You don't just do the surgery then live the same way you first did. You have got to do the full process. My biggest thing is that i've learned to check for nutritional info when i go grocery shopping. I systematically look for how much fat, fiber and protein content is in the food. I try to purchase just whole foods (basically fruit, vegetables, meats, dairy, whole grains) and stay away from refined or processed foods.

Charlottesville, VA
January 2008

I was banded at the Hospital on the campus of the University of Virginia. I got in just before 6 a.m., my surgery began close to 7 a.m., I was released from the hospital around 12:30 p.m., During the first day I felt some soreness . I was able to use my treadmill on just two days later. Overall, I had a wonderful experience. I have had recent surgeries in the past with no recovery problems. I received my first fill on 4-4-08. I have lost 42 lbs.

Location: unknown
April, 2005

I had undergone the lap band surgery about 7 months ago. As of now, I have lost 26 pounds and this has been constant. I have not had to deprive myself of much, except foods that physically will not go through the band. As a result, I have not had to "diet" to accomplish this weight loss.
I hope to lose most of my weight in a span of around 2 years, and will happily report my results as time goes on. I would recommend lap banding to anyone who is really serious about losing their excess weight.

San Diego, CA
December, 2008

In just over a year, I can honestly say I really do love my band and wouldn't trade it for anything! Although, I'm extremely overdue for my banding adjustment, but I do still have the restriction which has helped me maintain my weight right near my all-time low weight (which is approximately 80 lbs beneath my highest weight).

London, UK
January, 2009

Hello, I've been lap banded, I am now 3 months and 2 weeks post-lap-band and going fine although christmas was difficult as I only lost 1 pound, yet still I never gained! You do have to be head strong and more disciplined. After going through the procedure, you still absorb each calorie and processed or junk foods go down easy (uggggh!!). I have no second thoughts and have taken off nearly 50 pounds (1 pound short). The loss is not as quick as rny but after 2 years the statistics claim the weight loss to be nearly identical. It's a personal choice, I decided to go with the lap band as its less invasive and can be reversed if any problems occur, which is easier than rny . best of luck in your decision, its not easy but what surgery for weight loss is.

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